About the Village of St. Helena

The Village of St Helena" is located in Pender County, North Carolina. It is located south of Burgaw and approximately twenty miles north of Wilmington.

The community of St Helena was developed for immigrants under the direction of Hugh MacRae. It was in 1905, MacRae began to divide into general regional farms the woodlands consisting of 3,824.25 acres. The farms were laid out in ten-acre plots according to an official company map. A loading depot was built next to the railroad and streets and public areas were laid out. Large barns were built in which mules, wagons, plows and other farm equipment were kept and rented to the colonists until they could purchase their own.

The community was named for an Italian queen and six streets were given Italian names. The first efforts to attract colonists to St Helena brought families directly from northern Italy, according to a U.S. senate report dated 1909-1910. As time went on, other immigrants arrived including people from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, Finland, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia. With their arrival, a mixture of cultures, traditions, cuisines, and languages intertwine to make St. Helena “A Community of Many Nations.”

The house in the center of the seal was known as a St Helena home. The imprint was from the front of the sales pamphlet, which was distributed in Europe, northern U.S. cities and in the Midwest.

These pamphlets advertised St Helena as the "Nation's Garden Spot" and promised a three room cottage and ten acres of land for $240.00--$90.00 cash, balance in three equal yearly payments.

The "Village of St Helena" became incorporated in 1988, encompasses 5.65 square miles of land and had a population of 427 people, at the Year 2019.

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